1. Overview

Five peace treaties were concluded after WW1. The treaties were made between the 'Big Three' (GB, USA and France) and the defeated countries of the Central powers; Germany, Austria*, Hungary*, Bulgaria and Turkey.The treaties were drawn up between 1919-21 in Paris, France with each treaty being named after the Parisian suburb in which it was signed.

Versailles - Germany
St Germain - Austria
Trianon - Hungary
Neuilly - Bulgaria
Sevres - Turkey

*Austria-Hungary was split into two seperate countries after WW1.

2. What were the attitudes and aims of the Big Three at Versailles?

  • Clemenceau, a French NATIONALIST, who sought revenge
  • Lloyd George, a PRAGMATIC leader, who was wary of his countrymen's desire to punish Germany hard
  • Wilson, an IDEALIST politician, who hoped to create a fair peace through adherence to his 14 Points.

3. In what ways was Germany punished by the Versailles Treaty?

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